Multiple Income Streams Under One Roof

It Is Coming…

What scared Bill Gates into retirement?

What could replace Google, Amazon, iTunes, Apple, Microsoft, and hundreds of other global corporations? What could virtually eliminate the need for PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and every single bank on earth?


Do YOU want to know what is about to turn the entire global economy on its head?


GBBG - An Autonomous Organization

For 10 years, an organization known only as GBBG has been quietly developing technology poised to revolutionize the Internet and mobile communication. This uniquely innovative cloud-based, peer-to-peer technology will radically eliminate the need for any product or service presently offered by the businesses listed below.

The GBBG Solution

Why is this GOOD?

  • Nearly zero cost
  • No need to constantly update your devices or software to use the newest tools/features
  • NOBODY can control or manipulate this for profit
  • Instant access to all your files and documents from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Many other benefits…

Complete Peer-to-Peer Environment

The GBBG solution is to create an environment where the entire activity of the Internet and all applications (including operating system) reside in the ‘cloud’ and are managed/processed by the computers connected to the network. Every single computer in the network is a mini-server. All computers are working collectively together to provide the services of the entire system.

HARDLY ANY communication is traceable. It is very DIFFICULT, if not impossible, for anyone to know exactly where you have ‘been’ online and what you did. In addition, NO CENTRAL DATABASE is collecting segments of your personal information or storing it for any reason whatsoever.

HUGE Revenue Potential

Due to the incredible power and infallible security our technology offers, GBBG will rapidly devour market share in multiple industries. Imagine an organization that could amass billions of $$’s of revenue throughout the world, from many different industries. This organization will produce some of the most incredible revenues and profits ever dreamed of. More importantly, YOU will claim your SHARE!

ZERO Cost to You!

Imagine an organization generating billions of $$’s through multiple global industries that shares revenue with members! Imagine people earning GENEROUS monthly payments without paying a penny for anything!

Absolutely Free Services and Membership

The GBBG software will be 100% cloud based through a peer-to-peer structure. Every computer or device used by a member serves as a ‘host’ or a central ‘processor’. No one person or limited group of persons can control, manipulate, or affect GBBG because the management, processing, storage and retrieval of all data is conducted by the collective organization of member computers and devices. The software and core applications will be provided to all members for FREE! Members will NEVER be required to spend any money or pay any fees to use the system.

GBBG members will be FINANCIALLY REWARDED. Our premium services will include advertising, payment processing and currency exchange just to name a few. Monthly revenues will be shared with GBBG members, even members who do NOT spend a dime will earn with GBBG!


Earn MONEY just for using FREE products and services! Every single month, GBBG shares the revenue generated through multiple industries with our members, even if those members did not spend a penny!

Click on the dollar image on the left to view the full compensation plan.

Exclusive Membership

We are currently accepting applications for an EXTREMELY limited number of FOUNDERS Memberships. Any person, regardless of race, nationality, gender, or religion may apply. To apply you MUST be personally invited by an existing GBBG member. In order to join our organization, you should contact the person who told you about this site and ask them for registration details. They will share the classified registration information.

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