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My Protect Online Income Opportunity

Posted by Gilbert on September 19, 2013 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Earn money part-time/full-time using Facebook and internet.


No Selling / No Inventories

No Experience Needed

No Technical Skills Required

No Hype! No Gimmicks!

Real Company!

Accepts International Members

100% Home Based

100% Online

Multiple Payment Options Available


Direct Referral Bonus

1st Direct Referral -- P100

2nd Direct Referral -- Pass up

3rd to infinity - P400 (eto pinakamasarap)

1st Cycle Matrix Bonus

1st Cycle - Earn P200 once you get your Direct Referral 1 and Direct Referral 2

2nd Cycle Matrix Bonus

2nd Cycle -- Earn P400 when your Direct Referral1 get his Direct Referral 1 and Direct Referral 2

2nd Cycle -- Earn P400 when your Direct Referrals' pass up get his Direct Referral 1 and Direct Referral 2 (the best ito, PASSIVE)

1Pass -- Up Bonus

Pass-up -- Earn P200 once your Direct Referral 1 gets his Direct Referral 2

Pass-up - Earn P200 once your Pass-up gets his Direct Referral 2

Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus - Earn P100 for every pair from your Direct Referral 1 and Direct Referral 2

Profit Sharing Bonus

Profit sharing qualification - 10 Direct Referrals per month

Sign-up link:


MPO Video Presentation:


Add me on Facebook:


E-mail =>  [email protected] (Put MPO on subject line)

Mobile =>  09155669080 (Globe)

GBBG Special Offer for July 2013

Posted by Gilbert on July 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Special Offer

GBBG has opened up referring links to ALL members and is paying Referral Rewards to ALL members now, even Applicant members. We are also still planning to build a Founder Position Marketplace in the future to allow members to sell their extra Founder positions to others. Due to the changes in the Comp Plan, we feel Founder positions will be HIGHLY VALUABLE and could bring their owners HUGE MONEY.

Want to grab some extra Founder positions in the Matrix so you can sell them later for HUGE PROFITS? If so, check out this offer:

During July 2013

1 Founder Position with any donation of $25

2 Founder Positions with any donation of $48

3 Founder Positions with any donation of $69

4 Founder Positions with any donation of $88

5 Founder Positions with any donation of $100

See the Donations Page for more details on how to make your donation and claim additional positions.

To Join, Sign Up Here:


Referral Rewards for Every GBBG Member

Posted by Gilbert on July 4, 2013 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It has been a busy month behind the scenes at GBBG. Our fund managers have been reviewing several opportunities to invest in bitcoin ventures. They are also preparing to pounce on the opportunity to stockpile bitcoins in what they see as a pre-run drop in prices over the next few weeks. One of the managers explained they feel bitcoin will drop in price sharply before starting a mad rush upwards. The reasoning for this expectation is background movements of major holders in the market. Our fund managers feel there are behind the scenes hints that some powerful players are getting ready to make moves that could drive bitcoin values up dramatically.Our newly established Founders VIP Club has been getting busy as well. They have discussed and voted on many items that are beginning to reflect on the site. As of today, ALL members will be paid Referral Rewards when they refer a member that upgrades to Founder status. Previously this was only available to Founder members. The site has been modified so that all members have referring links now. If you are a Founder, you will get 100% of the reward. If you are a non-founder, you will get 25% of the reward.

The Founders VIP Club discussed and voted to modify the Compensation Plan and improve the Matrix concept. We strongly recommend all members review the new Compensation Plan in detail. There are now only 2 revenue sharing pools. One for Founders only and one for all members. In addition, we are already pre-filling our matrix by preserving sponsorship lines of all referrers.

The VIP Club voted to modify the plan for filling the official Matrix. The new plan states that Founder members will be loaded first, but will remain in the sponsorship line of the first Founder above them. Founders will jump over all Applicants and Reserve members who joined before them when they are loaded. Reserve members will jump over all Applicants who joined before them when they are loaded.

One of our first projects is nearing ability to launch. We announced BitFeud on our site several days ago. This is an earnings opportunity for GBBG Members in two ways. First, members can participate in BitFeud and earn direct compensation from that organization through their marketing compensation plan. In addition, GBBG will share in the revenue generated by BitFeud and will distribute this revenue to our members using our own matrix compensation plan.

Very soon, BitFeud will pre-fill their own matrix with the membership of GBBG. All members of GBBG will be given a referring link for BitFeud and can use this to promote that opportunity to others. Referrals to BitFeud will automatically be enrolled in BOTH the BitFeud opportunity and GBBG. So, you can promote 2 opportunities with 1 link! You will automatically have a downline in both organizations and if you choose to participate in both, you will earn direct commissions from both.

We suggest members take time to go through all of our website pages from the homepage and Comp Plan all the way through the member area pages. Many things have changed and many things are being added. There are several other enhancements being discussed and voted on by the VIP Club at this time.

We feel GBBG, along with a few upcoming projects, will be a tremendous online earning opportunity for members very soon. Don’t hesitate. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen. You will get left behind. THIS is the time to be building your downlines in all our projects as they are announced. Those who jump early and build early will reap the biggest rewards over time. Founders will benefit the most.

To join Bit Billions, sign up here ==>


GBBG Multiple Founder Position Extravaganza

Posted by Gilbert on June 15, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments (0)

June 2013 Only!

Many of you have heard the rumblings of our plans to develop a Founder Position Marketplace in the future. This marketplace will be a unique venue where Founder members will be able to sell their excess Founder Positions to interested parties. As many of you may expect, Founder positions will have greater and greater value as time passes. They will be the ONLY membership positions that share in ALL 5 REVENUE POOLS. In additions, due to the forced matrix structure of our compensation plan, they will have the most complete downlines.

We intend to develop and deploy a marketplace where members who possess multiple Founder Positions will be able to sell these positions to other people for whatever price deemed worthy. This could be an opportunity for members to earn substantial revenue in the future. As discussed by members hosting the informational webinars, this could be a lucrative strategy for many.

Would you like to gobble up some more Founder positions?

You are in luck! From today, until the end of June, 2013, GBBG will be granting 4 FREE FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP UPGRADES to any member who donates $100 or more (USD) in Bitcoins or equivalent value at one time.

What a deal! Any person who makes a one-time donation of $100 or more (USD) in Bitcoins or equivalent value will receive 4 complimentary Founder Member upgrades. All you need to do is tell us the 4 member ID numbers you wish to be upgraded.

Never let this tremendous opportunity pass you by!

Sign Up Link:


Profitable Sunrise Updates (03/23/13)

Posted by Gilbert on March 22, 2013 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)

We all know that the Profitable Sunrise has been down since last week due to server migration. Here's the latest update on the issue which I culled from our Facebook page.

Call by Mike Artis and Tony

Conference call Summary:

We are ALL GOOD!!!

This is based on several calls within the last 24 hours with people I've spoken to... whom spoke with Roman.

We are about to go back up

Are servers are up... all 6 main servers are working...

New website will be similar and all our accounts will be with in new site.

Easter gift is good !

Best guess is some time this weekend by Sunday night... Before Monday compounding starts.

We will be called a Private International Business Community, with a new definition as to how we represent ourself.

Servers are in two very safe places to address security issues Hong Kong is the safest places to be!

Chatter about negative info on us is wrong... We haven't done anything wrong and we are changing to comply.

Roman is making it better, give him credit...

Lots of rumors are impacting a really good people There are no facts or evidence we are not doing anything wrong. We are not selling securities. We are a group of individuals with strong values and purpose. We are not going to be pushed around or bullied by media Gurus.

Expect more restrictions with in company...

These corrections that are currently taking place have already been in the works, prior to the issues at hand.

Let's look forward to this weekend and the new web-site.

Next weeks Confrence call, we can compare notes of the new system. Again, all is good !

Profitable Sunrise is not falling apart... Or taken down...

Look forward to a promising futur.

Bank wire will be the only way to transfer funds... We'll see when sight is back up about E currency options.

Where are our funds? Funds are in loans and how the interest is paid out.

What about Easter Gift? Easter Gift will be in available balance.

They are also working on E-check system

Interest will be paid for all banking days we were off line.

May be changing name... because no advertising allowed and to avoid all adds and banners that are currently out there already.

Empty accounts may be gone...

Won't know until site is back up.

Bit Billions (GBBG) Update - 03/15/13

Posted by Gilbert on March 15, 2013 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

MAJOR ALERT!  Free Bitcoins Every Day!

Target Date: Early April. 

Besides Referral Rewards, some top Founder members have been calling for 'something to do' or 'some other way to earn money' while we wait for the product launch.  After collective input and discussion, the leadership of GBBG has decided to implement an opportunity for Founder members to earn FREE BITCOINS every day.





This amazing opportunity for FREE BITCOINS will ONLY be available for Founder Members.

GBBG Bitcoin Fund - An Exclusive Bitcoin Portfolio for ALL GBBG Members

Introductory Offer Price 0.25 BTC per Share (through April 1st, 2013)

Trading Begins April 1, 2013

Share Purchase Fee: 2%

Share Sales Fee: 0%

Open to ALL Members (Applicant, Reserve, Founder)

Ride the Bitcoin Wave Today!

Would you like to capitalize on the rapidly growing bitcoin market but are unable to due to limited funds? Do you want to participate in the lucrative process of buying and selling bitcoins, but you don’t have the funds necessary to facilitate an exchange? Do you wish you had the money to ride the growth wave?

GBBG Introduces the Bitcoin Fund

Created with you in mind, we are incorporating the GBBG Bitcoin Fund where you can intelligently and safely pool your bitcoins with thousands of other members. Leverage yourself strategically and ride the bitcoin wave today! On April 1st, 2013, GBBG will open the trading floor to buy and sell GBBG Bitcoin Fund shares. Right now as a GBBG member you have the exclusive opportunity to snatch up shares at the introductory price of 0.25 bitcoins for each share.

Fund Objectives:

Arbitrage (Buying/Selling bitcoins)

Capital Placements (bitcoin Startups)

Options (Bitcoin Options)

Revenue Participation (Revenue Share Arrangements)

Bitcoin Value Inflation

Participant Opportunities:

Trade Shares (Buy/Sell Fund Shares)

Long-term Growth (Hold Shares for Long-term Growth)

Reinvestment Pool (Reinvest Other GBBG Earnings)

Anonymity (Anonymous Participation)

Liquidity (Cash Out Quickly)

Fund Basics

The GBBG Bitcoin Fund is a pooled collection of bitcoins contributed by all participants and deployed in mass for the goal of growth and return. The fund managers will methodically seek out opportunities through a) Arbitrage – the buying and selling of bitcoins; b) BTC Capital Placements – placing bitcoins into startups that are rooted in the bitcoin economy; c) Options – bitcoin related option markets; e) Revenue Participation – entering bitcoin revenue sharing agreements with businesses profiting through the bitcoin economy. The fund seeks to invest solely in the form of bitcoins and produce returns solely in the form of bitcoins.

This is NOT a financial instrument, banking instrument, or security. The GBBG Bitcoin Fund is entirely based in the bitcoin economy and ALL trades will be performed in bitcoins. Participants will purchase shares using bitcoins and receive bitcoins when selling shares. The fund will strategically place bitcoins into carefully selected opportunities that are designed to produce positive results.

The value of fund shares may rise or fall, depending upon several factors which include, but are not limited to a) the bitcoin market; b) the success or failure of opportunities taken; b) the success or failure of bitcoin startups; c) the success or failure of bitcoin revenue sharing ventures; d) the success or failure of Bitcoin as a digital currency.

The fund managers will make every reasonable attempt to place bitcoins into solid, dependable opportunities that have been thoroughly investigated, vetted, and assessed. The primary philosophy will center around arbitrage and revenue share potentials and risk analysis.


Participants may purchase or sell shares in the fund freely with the only restriction being a fixed daily trade settlement time. Therefore, all fund share trades (buy or sell) will be conducted at 8:10 AM (EDT) for all requests received during the 24 hours prior to 8:00 AM (EDT). The share price for all trades will be calculated based on the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on the same day when said trades settle. There will be an additional 2% purchase fee when buying shares.

Purchase Shares Example:  If you send bitcoins to buy shares at 4:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, we will actually purchase the shares for you at 8:10 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, and the price will be the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, plus 2%.

Selling Shares Example:  If you send a request to sell shares at 10:00 AM (EDT) on Monday, we will actually sell the shares for you at 8:10 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, and the price will be the closing net asset value per share as reflected at 7:59:59 AM (EDT) on Tuesday.

Get In Ahead of the Wave

In order to participate in this groundbreaking opportunity, you need to become a member of GBBG.

Please sign up here:



How To Join Bit Billions - Updated

Posted by Gilbert on March 8, 2013 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Joining Bit Billions is now a lot easier. Potential members can immediately access their back office even before they upgrade. Here is a step by step process.

1. Click the referrer’s url which kinda look something like this :


2. Click the Join Now button at the top of the site.

3. Scroll down and click ‘I ACCEPT THE GBBG NDA’.

4. On the following page click on the ‘SIGN ME UP’ button.

5. You will be given a unique username and password. You are highly advised to write it down and store it safely for future reference. The system has no way of retrieving your username and password if you lose it.

6. Scroll down again and click the ‘JOIN NOW’ button and fill in your email address. Once this is done you will be able to login to your back office.

7. Follow the instructions in your back office and pay for your donation either through the gofundme option with your credit card or via the Bitcoin payment option. To do that you MUST open a Bitcoin wallet and buy or obtain one Bitcoin to send. You should actually purchase or acquire 1.001 Bitcoin as there is a small fee attached in sending one Bitcoin. How to open a Bitcoin wallet and how to acquire Bitcoins is at the end of the joining instructions in this post.

8.  Once you have paid for your BitBillion Founder Position you will be able to refer others and before you do that you MUST e-mail back Bit Billions your BITCOIN WALLET RECEIVER I.D so they can encode this info in your back office. This will also serve as your means to get paid.  You must also let your referrals know this process so they can upgrade immediately. This completes the Bit Billions sign-up process.


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Where to Purchase Bitcoins:


Join Bit Billions Now!


Good News: Profit Clicking's Premium System Has Launched!

Posted by Gilbert on March 7, 2013 at 7:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's some real good news from Profit Clicking!

Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, the premium ad package system has launched!!  The first payouts and withdrawals will happen tomorrow! YESSS!!

So what do you do?

- Log in to Profit Clicking, click on "Switch to Premium Ad Package System" and fund your new Premium Wallet, so you can get started buying advertising.  The more you buy, the more money you make!

- Tell everyone you know that's in Profit Clicking, so they can make quick and easy money also.

- Tell your prospects and referrals who have been waiting to get in.

- Spend the money in your basic wallet (new name for the old wallet) on new ad packages and panels, except for the money you can use in the new premium system or expect to withdraw during the next days and weeks - that's how you make the most money with this system

- Watch the new Green Light System closely, as we are already increasing the daily bucket limits!

In a few weeks, we'll have the existing withdrawal queue cleaned out and have TWO fully functional, best-money-making-system-of-the-decade income streams in Profit Clicking, and many more to come!

Healthy growth promotes more money and prosperity for everyone, so get ready for great times ahead for Profit Clicking!

Here are some more details:

a) You can use 20% of your existing wallet funds to participate - that includes gift card balances. This enables you to send gift cards to your referrals who would like to participate in the premium service also - this is great!  Initially, the premium system does not have gift cards, but we can introduce them soon.

b) Everyone gets 3% per day on their purchases, 7 days a week - this is huge!  Make 150% on every dollar you spend on advertising in just 50 days!

How do we do this? Have you not read about the ProfitShift? Well the first ProfitShift is months away and the panels you receive will go into a brand-new, extremely-fast-moving, empty panel/matrix system!  That is really great news!

c) You can fund either the existing system or the new premium one, but if you try to fund the existing system, we'll remind you that it would probably be significantly better to fund the new, premium one.

d) There will be a $10 Test-Drive System in the premium system also, but members will only be eligible for it if they have not received it in the existing system.

Have we missed anything? Everything else has already been outlined in the previous few updates, and now you can view everything LIVE IN THE MEMBER AREA!


The new premium system is going to be absolutely fantastic, especially with the highly advanced advertising system, in which you get to spend your credit, so hold onto your seats, folks!  It's really true, and people are already taking full advantage of this new system in big numbers, even before we had a chance to announce it the entire membership!

Premium Ad Package System

- $10 per Ad Package

- 3% a day Daily Sales Commissions

- 10% and 5% Referral Commissions

- Multi-Site Advertising System

- Daily Withdrawals - up to $1,000 a day

per payment processor

- No more full buckets

- No more withdrawal queue

- Same tested compensation plan

- Use 20% of your existing wallet funds

- Use your gift cards, old and new (later)

- New, fresh panel system (launching soon)

All the components of an Amazing System HAS BEEN LAUNCHED!!

Tell your teams to GO GO GO!

Keep Building Your Business!


You know you love it!

Join now!


Profitable Sunrise Bank Wire Update

Posted by Gilbert on March 7, 2013 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's an important update from Roman Novak on the recent North Carolina issue.

My Dear Friends,

It is been a really long time since I last spoke to you by means of a personal message. A lot of very important developments have take place in the course of the last several months. I felt that it is the time for you to hear my mind on them.

Thanks to your valued support my business has grown really big and strong. This would not have been possible without you. The growth has brought about the necessity to streamline my business model, cut the administrative costs and comply with the tax authorities. They have already asked us about the interest we pay you. This has led to a very important decision to do away with third party payment processors. I am hereby announcing that we have started moving away from payment processors for withdrawals in favor of direct bank wires. By doing so we are literally killing 2 birds with one stone. First, you avoid the fees processors charge. Second, you comply with the IRS. We will simply specify in every payment what it is for and where is comes from so IRS will have no problem collecting taxes. It has always been my honest belief that we need to pay all the taxes.

I am anxiously looking forward to the Easter week, I am sure you are too. We are working on new offers and plans that will be announced after Easter.

Stay Blessed,

Roman Novak,


Profitable Sunrise


Repost from our FB group

Profitable Sunrise is not a company and it is better to be called as a charitable arm.  I am in this program since 8 months and in my experience of 6 years of internet marketing, I have never seen such a legit and good program.  The most wonderful thing that I like about this program is the admin of this company, Mr.Roman Novak, who is constantly providing us the blessings.  He is the honest man and admin of online program I have ever seen in my life work.

Everyone is aware that Profitable Sunrise got a notice from North Carolina on 27 Feb 2013 that they should submit their documentation of their registration within 30 days.  Today is March 6 and the beauty is that everything is fine now.  The problem is solved now and everything is crystal clear.  Roman has shown them the required documents and has changed the withdrawal system a little bit.  On the 6th of March he issued an official newsletter that in order to comply with IRS we have to show our withdrawal funds to the tax department and the only way for this is to withdraw our money through bank wire.  So Roman took the decision that all withdrawals will be processed through bankwire only.

The reason behind this is that the government charges tax on our interest and it is possible only if we withdraw through bankwire.  When we withdraw through payment processors, the government can't check our financial statements.  But we can deposit money through any payment processors because tax does not apply on deposits.  It only applies on interest.

As Roman abides by all the rules, regulations and laws he has to take this step.

This increases our confidence in Profitable Sunrise.  There are other reasons too.

As North Carolina has issued a notice to Profitable Sunrise and Roman has all the right chance to shut down because he has many excuses to make like the government not allowing us to work or the government has shut down our business, he is still here.

This also shows that he has all the legal documents and all our documents are safe.  Even North Carolina has confirmed it.

Last thing is that Mr. Roman Novak abides by all the rules and regulations and that is a good sign.

Profitable Sunrise Changes:

You can fund your account with LR, STP, PM, Egopay and Bank Wire, but you can only withdraw through bank wire.

At last we are in safe mode and now in this time we must appreciate the efforts of Roman and his program Profitable Sunrise.


If you are interested to join Profitable Sunrise, please send me an e-mail at [email protected] with Profitable Sunrise in the subject line and I will give you the details. Thanks.

Felmina's Response to Bank Wire Issues

Posted by Gilbert on March 6, 2013 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Felmina.com - Taking Your Investment Forward

Recently, some investors were having trouble withdrawing their money through bank wire. This is Felmina Alliance's response to that issue and hopefully it will be now laid to rest dated March 4, 2013.

We would like to address a very important issue most of you are aware of. As you know we have recently faced significant delays in processing of the bank wire transfer withdrawals from our customers.

We would like to shed some light on this situation. The bank we have been working with for a long time is no longer able to process the withdrawals from us due to a large volume of the requests. This is a purely technical issue we have been working to resolve.

The good news is that we have come up with the solution to the problem and the normal operation of withdrawals will resume in the next few days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.